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Easily one of Hollywoods most talented and tragic personalities, Miss Garland left a 4 page will signed Judy Garland Luft, being married to Sid Luft at the time (1961). Lots of bequests, none of which came to pass as her estate was in the red for years. British death certificate included.
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Forever etched into our memories as the beautiful and calculating Scarlett O'Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND, Miss Leigh left a simple 2 page will which was filed with the British Probate Registry. To this we add the Order for Probate as well as her British death certificate.
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Born Anna Maria Pierangeli, Miss Angeli is truly one of Hollywood's lost beauties, having succumbed to a barbiturate overdose at age 39. Her all but forgotten film career was far from extraordinary, and her marriage to Vic Damone a failure, possibly adding to her early demise. We offer her 16 page autopsy and coroner's reports, which include detailed toxicological results. Death certificate included.
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Miss Arden, probably best known for her OUR MISS BROOKS character, as well as countless film roles in the 40's left a very precise 17 page will. Also included are a 2 page Petition for Probate, a 2 page Notice of Petition for Probate and a copy of the death certificate.
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Truly one of the screen's eternal beauties, there could never be another like her. Her will is interesting in that what was filed with the British Probate Office was a 2 page translation (from the French) of her hand written 1975 will, as well as a 2 page handwritten document (in English) from 1981 outlining her last wishes. The latter document contains her signature. British Grant for Probate included.
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Miss Bondi's will is a simple 3 pages, with a 2 page Petition for Probate. Included in this package are 9 interesting pages of Inventory and Appraisals.
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Miss Bow, the "IT GIRL" of the jazz age, worked in both silent films and the talkies, and left behind a 2 page will and a 2 page codicil. Included are a single page order admitting the will, and 4 pages of personal property receipts.
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Miss Davis left a 10 page will (sealed in New York, but public record in Los Angeles) plus New York State certifications. Guess who got the cook books?
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We had numerous customer requests for this file. The Academy Award winning Miss Dennis left no will, and her estate was in a bit of a shambles, judging by the 16 pages of documents we offer, including the inventory of the estate, plus the claims against the same.
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The wonderfully versatile stage and screen actress, whose career went from Mack Sennett comedies with Charlie Chaplin (TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE), leading her to a 1931 Oscar-winning performance opposite Wallace Beery in MIN AND BILL. This file, from 1934, includes a 6 page will, 7 pages outlining the value of her estate, and 6 pages showing the funeral expense.