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Easily one of Hollywoods most talented and tragic personalities, Miss Garland left a 4 page will signed Judy Garland Luft, being married to Sid Luft at the time (1961). Lots of bequests, none of which came to pass as her estate was in the red for years. British death certificate included.
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The pianist and bandleader was one of the great exponents of swing. He studied with Fats Waller, a major influence on his work, and performed with such famous blues singers as Billie Holiday. His 1987 will is 9 pages, and makes for some interesting reading.
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The fabulous Miss Merman left a fairly standard 10 page will to which we have added a two page partial cash inventory of her estate, a single page of funeral expenses, a single page of Testamentary Letters and a copy of the death certificate.
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Cantor was one of the many talented vaudevillians who made a transition to film comedies. His will is 8 pages and was modified by a 2 page codicil, to which we add a 3 page claim for funeral expenses. Death certificate included.
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Another highly requested and very interesting file. Crosby died on a golf course in Spain (his idea of heaven, we suppose) in 1977, and his file consists of the 9 page will and a rather detailed 4 page Petition for Probate.
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A 9 page will plus a one page witness to the signing of the will. An extremely interesting will, in light of what happened to the estate after the IRS got hold of it.
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Eight page will, which because it was copied from the attorney's copy of the will (replacing the original which was at some point stolen from the probate file) unfortunately does not bear Jolson's signature. Death certificate included.
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Who could forget the inimitable WALTER MITTY? Kaye, who gave us such films as WHITE CHRISTMAS and THE KID FROM BROOKLYN left a 5 page will to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate, a very thorough 5 page Inventory and Appraisement, and lastly an interesting 2 page claim by the William Morris Agency.
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A favorite crooner from the heyday of Hollywood left us a 7 page will, and we include a 2 page petition for probate. Most interesting is the final accounting of the value of the estate, which surprised even us. Death certificate included.
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She began her singing career in the Baptist church choir, worked behind the food counter at the Greyhound Bus Terminal, and rose to become one of country music's early sweethearts. Miss Cline's 4 page, hand-written will is drafted on Delta Airlines stationary, an odd omen owing to the fact that she died in an airplane crash less than two years later. Death certificate included.